Our rhythms will keep you dancing all night long

Loft club was established in 2003 in Pafos with the ultimate goal to change the way people see Night Life.

During the summer months you will find Loft's outside Club crowded with people dancing with modern Greek,POP, Electronic and RnB hits. Every week Loft holds a surprise to its visitors, from African to flame dancers.

At the rest of the year the closed part of the club fulfills everyone's needs, the design, the gold elements, the hidden lights, in the winter Club creates a unique atmosphere.

The fact that its open only WEDNESDAY , Fridays and Saturdays makes no difference, during these two nights you will have so much fun you wont have any energy left in you to party during the week.

We believe our success is due to our service, everyone here with us deserves to feel V.I.P.

You don't need to remember your most amazing life moments.

You can repeat them anytime @ Loft Club.


our djs

  • Dj Andrew S

    Andreas Stylianou, known as Dj Andrew S, was born on 23 August 1988…

  • Dj Kong

    Konstantinos Panagiotou(DJ Kong) born in Pafos in 1996. He started his DJ Career…

  • Dj Stelios Georgiou

    Dj STS(Stelios Georgiou) was born and raised in Larnaca, Cyprus. He realized his…

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